Stash update – photos!

As I posted earlier, when I was in Mass. 2 weeks ago I did some active stash improvement shopping. I’ve finally gotten the time and the weather to take some photos to show you what I bought:

Here’s the whole lot. I walked around Cambridge with a clear plastic bag full of this colorful yarn and I have to say, I got a lot of looks! It’s not a common thing to do. Before I go on to the individual photos and descriptions, can you guess just by looking what’s inside?


I’ve never bought any Debbie Bliss yarn before, mainly because I’m an anti-snob. Yarn with a knitting designer’s name on it somehow just turns me off. But I was shopping specifically for green sport weight superwash yarn, and this was the only option. So here it is. It will be used to make a green alligator scarf for nephew B. His sister, J, will get the pink version:

This is Babyboo from Knit One Crochet Too. It’s 45% bamboo and 55% nylon. It’s soft and a little bit shimmery and will be perfect for a 7 year old girl who wears pink and likes Barbie.

This one was a total spontaneous and unplanned purchase:

It’s Malabrigo lace weight. When I got back to my hotel room after buying all this stuff I just couldn’t stop myself from opening up the skein of yarn and laying it out on my hotel bed and winding it up into a ball. I liked the feeling of it in my hands. Unfortunately having rolled it up, you can’t really see how lovely the hue goes from light to medium blue. W. made this green scarf from it, and here you can see how the colors flow. It will make a really beautiful narrow lace scarf.

Based on this pattern on Knitty, I bought this:

This is Noro sock yarn and I have to tell you – this stuff is NOT soft.  It feels hard and scratchy.  I’m wondering how it would feel as socks and I’m having second thoughts.  I’ve read a lot on Ravelry about this yarn and it seems everyone loves it because of the colors (which are amazing) but not for the feel.  But what would it feel like after washing?  Is it softer?  I have to do more research.  Do any of you out there have experience with this yarn?

And, last but not least:

This is Classic Elite Silky Alpaca lace weight.  I first bought 3 skeins.  But then I started looking at my lace pattern books and decided to go back and get 2 more.  I saw some really huge square shawls that I might make.  And besides, if I only need 3 in the end I can use the other 2 to make gifts.  And besides that, the exchange rate makes everything in the U.S. just irresistible.   This stuff was $10 per skein.  That’s about 6.50 euros.  For enough yarn to make a beautiful scarf.  Yum yum.

So, that’s the end of my yarn shopping extravaganza.  Next episode I’ll show you the library of knitting books I brought back with me!

One thought on “Stash update – photos!

  1. Emily June 29, 2008 / 16:17

    From what I hear on Ravelry the Noro softens up a LOT after washing. Some people have even washed their Noro socks in the washing machine (though I don’t think I’d be that brave).

    That silky alpaca lace is gorgeous!

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