Still Running

It’s Saturday, lovely blue skies, a cool breeze is blowing, perfect weather for a run in the park.

Normally I run on Sunday’s but tomorrow I have to work so today’s the day instead.  Yes, I have to work on Sunday, which totally is not normal, but it’s project go-live day!  Tomorrow we turn the switch and enter some orders, enter some PO’s, ship some product and see what happens.  If all goes well, which I expect it to, Monday morning we are officially up and running on SAP.  Sigh.

ANYWAY, back to the running.  I biked over to Sloterplas.  On the way I took this photo:

These geese are always here.  It’s their home, along this canal, and you’d best not get in their way!

Today I ran more than the total distance around the lake.  I ran 51 minutes without stopping, which was approximately 7.6km.  It was a slow easy run that was meant just to make it the 50 minutes.  Distance wasn’t important.  But man it’s good to be making progress!  Now that my working hours should be starting to decrease (I hope!) I should be able to run 3 times a week instead of only 2.  During the week I’ve been running intervals, which should help me increase speed and muscle.

I guess I’m one of those weird people who like intervals.  I run 1.5 minutes so fast that at the end of that time I just want to die and can’t breath any more.  Then I walk for 1.5 minutes.  Repeat 6-8 times.  I just like the feeling that for one short minute I can run like a real athlete.  I can really MOVE with SPEED!  I can RUN!  And then a minute later I want to die.  Ah well.  The feeling is good while it lasts!

Today I ran just about 1/2 the distance that I have to cover on 21 September.   It’s only July.  That gives me 9 weeks to increase 8km.  One kilometer more per week?  Ha!  I can do that.

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