iPhone – the first 24 hours

I’ve had my new iPhone 3G just about 24 hours now so I guess it’s time to report in. Shall I start from the beginning?

Yesterday morning at 7:00 I stepped onto my bike and headed over to the Kinkerstraat T-Mobile shop. I had no idea how many people would be there already. Luckily, only 12 other crazy people like me. I was number 13. One very smart guy (who had obviously gone through something like this before) showed up with a heavy black marker and put numbers on people’s hands once they showed up. This turned out later to be a stroke of genius.

The shop didn’t open until 9:30 so we had time to kill. It was gezellig. People joked and chatted. Typically, I was the only female (1) and (2) I was certainly the oldest one there. Ha! I should win a prize. Well, I got an iPhone, one of the only 7,000 in the entire country at this point, so I do feel like I’ve won something. Here’s a photo from early in the morning:

At 9:30 the doors opened and I have to say, the staff at the shop did an excellent job of making sure people were served in the order they showed up. By 9:30 there must have been 35 people standing around. We had been told at 8:30 that they only had 19 phones to sell! By 10:30 only ONE person had walked out with phone in hand. Why? T-Mobile’s registration system totally crashed! We stood around and stood around but it wasn’t getting any better. Finally they came around and photocopied our ID’s, wrote down what we wanted to buy (8GB, 16GB, or white). A few minutes later we were told whether or not we were in luck and would get our first choice product (I did) and that we’d be called later in the day when we could come pick up our phones. This was both exciting and quite a let down. At least I knew that later in the day I’d have my hands on a white 16GB phone, but not quite yet.

I went home for a little while, then hopped back on the bike and headed to work. The T-Mobile shop is on my route to work and as I biked past I saw 3 guys from the morning standing outside. “What! You guys are still here?” They had left, then came back to see if the computer system was working yet. Nope! Still down! I went on to work, and later that afternoon got an sms that my phone and contract were ready to be picked up. I stopped there on my way home from work at 5:30pm and was out again 5 minutes later, new baby in the bag.

To tell you truth, I was so exhausted last night that I played around with my phone in kind of a stupor. You have to first put in your SIM card, then sync your phone with iTunes. Here again, systems were completely overtaxed and it took about 10 tries and over an hour before I could connect and get activated. After that, it’s been fun all the way.

This weekend is just typical of how I feel after having worked just far too many hours and am BEAT. My body just wants to go to sleep. But my head says “Hey! We’re not at work! We can do all those fun things you have been wanting to do, like knitting, and surfing, and now playing with your new phone….”. Head and body have a fight and I just don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I was awake at 5:30 this morning and felt jetlagged. I got up and ate something and then at 8:00 went back to bed for 2 hours. I’m a mess.

But between the sleeping and being spaced out, I managed to first sync my iPhone with Outlook on my work PC and also do a blog post early this morning (during the HUGE thunder and lightening storm). I also went out this afternoon down the block to a fabric store and luckily they had a button I could use on my new iPhone case. It’s a blue apple. How appropriate.

I have to say…. the iPhone case is the PERFECT size. The iPhone fits just perfect in it. I’m incredibly happy with it. Here are some photos:

Here are a couple of shots of the phone itself. The screen is beautiful. This photo is taken in full sun at an angle, so take no notice of the dullness of it. The clarity is amazing. And also here’s a shot of this website, shown landscape. It’s just so cool to see your own website like this. 🙂

Yes, I got a white one. Way cooler than the boring black. 🙂

Now, I need to load up some music, movies, applications…….. oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I also bought a docking station. I opened up the box and found THIS. I couldn’t stop laughing because to me it looked like a display of Barbie bathtubs. (They are really the different sized trays to put in the dock for the different sized iPods and iPhone.)

Just to prove to you that I have not locked myself completely away from the real world while playing with new toys, here’s a photo of Bas this afternoon (which will become my new phone wallpaper) and also a photo of the cherry tomatoes that are getting ripe, even in this cool cloudy weather.

3 thoughts on “iPhone – the first 24 hours

  1. Zwaalie July 12, 2008 / 22:04

    Congrats, good to see you were one of the lucky ones! Hope you get some rest now.

  2. withsticks July 12, 2008 / 23:04


    I’m wanting one, I’m wanting one!

    Bas is cute.

  3. Kim U July 18, 2008 / 20:11

    Your iPhone case is cute!

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