9km and Counting

This morning, after checking to see if my new baby (read: iPhone) would fit into the running belt pouch (yes!) I headed off to Sloterplas for my weekend long run. I haven’t run at all the last week (due to working too many hours) so I really didn’t know what to expect. How would I feel after a week off? Better or worse? I guess better is the answer.

My goal was to run 60 minutes since last week was 50 minutes. I decided after running half way that my new goal would be 9km, which turned out to be 61 minutes. I also at first thought that I would run one time around Sloterplas (6km) then run 1.5km around on a second loop and turn around and run 1.5km back so as to end up neatly at the starting point. But I hate doubling back on myself so I just continued on around the lake. 9km is 1.5 times around the lake so I walked the last 3km back to the starting point.

One nice thing about making 2 laps is that I get the chance to take photos from that far side of the lake, which I hadn’t done before. Looking at these photos you’d think we were in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire. Little do you know that behind me are concrete apartment buildings and just beyond the trees is the A10 motorway.

Yes, these photos were taken with my iPhone, while at the same time I was listening to a podcast. The camera is only 2m pixels, which is quite a disappointment, but as long as the photos look like this, and I only use them for online viewing, it should be fine.

By the way, I jogged this morning listening to the Cast On podcast, which my friend Andy recommended. I had tried listening to the KnitPicks podcast but I honestly couldn’t stand that woman. After 2 tries I just wanted to strangle her. But Brenda Dayne is so enjoyable to listen to. I’ve started at the beginning (October 2006) and am working my way to the present time. You can find her also on iTunes. Andy has a lot of other good podcast suggestions and now that I have phone and ipod in one, it should be even easier to find the time to check them out.

I finished one podcast about 40 minutes into my run and for the next 20 minutes I ran without earbuds and just listened to the birds singing and the small sounds of people in the park on a Sunday morning. It was lovely. I have to do that more often.

7 thoughts on “9km and Counting

  1. Emily July 13, 2008 / 15:34

    My favorite podcast is NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Not about knitting, but extremely hilarious.

  2. withsticks July 13, 2008 / 20:04

    How are the geese at Sloterplas?

    I remember biking with my brothers and getting attacked.

  3. Cybèle July 14, 2008 / 13:29

    What a brilliant idea to listen to podcasts when running! I now listen to the radio but often don’t have time to listen to podcasts, but while running would be great. I can’t stand the woman from Knitpicks either… I think it’s her voice!
    Well done on the 9 km – I was on 10 min runs last week but really struggled last Saturday. Legs like brick, as you once described. Hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow.

  4. mandy July 15, 2008 / 06:17

    Nice work, auntie! I’m dreading running this week…since most of our area’s been on fire since the end of June, the air’s just been too gross to run. I haven’t run since last friday, and we’re supposed to be up to 10k by this saturday! Hope I do as well as you! 🙂

  5. earlybird July 16, 2008 / 12:20

    Withsticks: there are certainly geese around, but they haven’t bothered me yet. I do give them their space though! They have that threatening look in their little beady eyes.

    Mandy: too bad about all the fires. I don’t know which is worse – smoke that you can see in the air, or the microscopic deadly particles in our air that you can’t see but are really bad for you anyway. Right now we live right by the freeway so I’m sure my air is not good. Once we move it will be a lot better. Good luck with your run! I’m sure you will do great and certainly better than your old aunt. 🙂

    Cybele: my advice – don’t rush it. Take even longer to reach your goal if it will keep you injury free. 10 minutes will become 15 before you know it and you’ll be so proud of yourself!

  6. Zack September 21, 2008 / 08:25

    So you put your iPhone in a running belt? What kind of running belt do you use? I have been using an armband, but I found it to be very uncomfortable. How does the belt feel?

  7. Alex September 21, 2008 / 09:37

    Zack, I was using some generic running belt I’ve had so long I can’t even remember where I bought it. BUT, since I’ve started using RunKeeper (iPhone app) I have been using an armband, probably the same one you have. I really don’t mind it!
    RunKeeper is working really well. It tracks your run with the GPS functionality and you can see your route on Google Maps when you get home. It’s a very simple app, and the developer has promised more functionality, but it’s fun and a lot cheaper than going out and buying another $300 gadget.

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