Today was the kind of Sunday I’ve been longing for for months.  I only did fun things.  I only did things that I really wanted to do.  What a luxury!  What a relief!  And the weather cooperated perfectly by raining nearly all day so it was easy to hang out in your jams and read blogs, and listen to music, watch a little tv, do some knitting and make scrambled eggs.  Ahhhhh.

I was getting just a tiny bit bored with the socks-that-can’t-be-shown-online so I decided to break the day by starting a new project that I really would like to have done before we move to our new house IN ONLY 1 MONTH!!  I seem to always do this to myself – start a project with a deadline.  Don’t I have enough pressure in my life?  Am I a stress junky?

Luckily this new project is dead easy and works up very very fast.  It’s crochet.  GASP!  Yes!  Crochet!  The sad step sister to knitting.  I haven’t crocheted anything in 30 years, but it was the first yarn craft I learned to do and was quite good at it once upon a time.  It’s just like riding a bike.  Your hands never forget.

I know there will be offended crocheters out there, and I’m sorry, but crochet is just not nearly as interesting as knitting.  There’s only so much you can do with a hook.  After knitting that lace shawl, the idea of crocheting lace just seems like child’s play.  But, and here’s the BUT with this project, the designers of this thing are mathematicians.  Everything they design is based on mathematics.  Too cool.

I’m making something very simple, a spiral in two colors, designed by the folks at Woolly Thoughts.  They describe it as: “Mathematically, this is an Archimedean Spiral. That means it moves out from the centre by the same distance on each rotation.”

They designed this to be a chair cushion cover, but I’m making it with heavy cotton ribbon and it will be a kitchen rug for our new kitchen.  I’d like to make 2 of them.  I’ll probably have enough yarn left over to also make dish cloths.  I bought this ribbon stuff on a really big sale so I bought a lot of it and I’ve had absolutely no idea what to do with it until someone on Ravelry suggested I make dishcloths with it.  I then thought of kitchen rugs and then found this pattern.  Cool!  Here’s what I made in about 20 minutes:

You should check out the Woolly Thoughts website.  They do some very interesting things with math and design and knitting.  I especially like “Penrose” and wouldn’t mind making it someday.  Geometry in action!

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