Today’s Lesson

Every time I go out running I learn something.  Every single time.  I start to wonder each time I put on my Adidas “what light bulb will go on this time?”.  Today’s lesson:  Don’t Get Cocky.

Last Sunday I ran 9km and thought I had this running thing all figured out.  I felt great.  I decided to start running 3 days a week, but to keep the week days really minimal.  Wednesday I ran 2.5km.  Friday I ran 2.5km.  I felt fine. No problems at all.  I was really feeling like today’s goal of 10km would also be doable without a problem.

Of course that’s when you get hit from behind by that person who keeps you humble.  As I wrote just a little earlier, it rained most of today so I didn’t put on the running shoes until 3pm.  The rain stopped and I figured it was now or never.

I also thought that I didn’t need to bike over to Sloterplas – I would RUN there instead and run around the park and then run back home.  That should be about 10km.

Immediately I realized that that wouldn’t work.  I had to warm up first.  I did a brisk walk from home to the park for my warm up.  I needed that much time just to feel at all like running.

When I got to the park I started running my usual route.  After only 2km I stopped to walk.  My legs ached.  My hips ached.  I could barely move.  Damn.  This was not the sharp pain of shin splints – I seem to be over that stage at least.  This was just overall aching in my calves and knees and butt and hips.  This was the result of doing too much too soon.

I managed to make it through 7.5 long km’s today, but I walked 1/3 of them.  It was humbling.  It was a setback.  It was certainly a learning experience.  I learned today that I can’t continue to increase my weekend long run AND start running more days per week.  Lesson learned.  Won’t do it again.

On a lighter note:  How do you know when you are a real runner?

When you have already moved your bowels that day but during your run you suddenly, out of the blue, have this huge urge to take a crap.  This has never happened to me before.  I only read about these things happening and you see it on tv when runners suddenly dive into a porta-potty.  Today at 6.5km this hit me.  At 6.75km I decided I’d better stop running and just walk because my sphincter isn’t THAT strong!  I made it home ok and took care of business.  Sheesh.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson

  1. Cybèle July 20, 2008 / 19:32

    it’s strange how one day, you can do really well, and then suddenly out of nowhere your body doesn’t want to cooperate. Last week I just couldn’t do it. My mind kept saying ‘I can’t do it, I can’t do it’. It wasn’t even that I was in pain or had a stitch, I just couldn’t be bothered to be out of breath, to make the effort, to push myself, and my legs refused to cooperate. I’ve dropped a level and really pushed myself last Thursday to get going, and today I was out of breath but my brain was saying ‘you can do it’. Onwards!

  2. mandy July 21, 2008 / 01:26

    I hear ya…on all fronts! 🙂 The other day I just needed to walk…no real reason, I just couldn’t make myself run! Your epiphany at the end of your post made me think of a great lesson I had to learn the other day while running with the team (!)…NO oatmeal at least one hour before a run…even if it IS the only food in the house!

  3. Andy Baker July 23, 2008 / 14:23

    You wrote bowel movement, crap and sphincter in the same post. In the same paragraph! What a funny surprise. I don’t run. Good on you for doing it.

  4. louise July 24, 2008 / 21:19

    Im currently attending Pulmonary Rehablitation Physio classes twice a week. Despite my disability I am very able but my crappy lungs are holding me back (compression from my spine). Now I am doing hand weights, bench press, step ups and the treadmill and feel wonderful. The sense of achievement is wonderful for personal morale. I will never be able to run kms but we all have our personal goals so I hope you achieve yours without too much pain!! Go girl!!

    The mention of the word sphincter in your post made me laugh..I fear I will never grow up…haha

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