N is for Needles

I have been collecting tools of the craft for a long time. Here’s what I have at this moment:

You notice I don’t have any long straight needles that most people think of when they think of knitting needles. I quit using that kind of needle years ago and got rid of the ones I had. I much prefer knitting with circular needles. I have some sets of double pointed needles for small round knitting, like socks and sleeves and hats.

In January I ordered my first set of interchangeable tips, from KnitPicks, and I really love love love them. I also have 3 pairs of KnitPicks small circulars for sock knitting. KnitPicks does have issues with quality control (I had 1 bad interchangeable and one of the circulars broke right away) but they replaced these right away without question. Their needles are such a joy to work with that it’s worth any hassles. One of the biggest hassles with KnitPicks is that they don’t ship outside the U.S.!! Why oh why? I can’t think of any reason why a company wouldn’t ship outside the U.S. I have to order things and have them shipped to my mom and she sends them on to me.

I like their needles so much that just last week I ordered their set of double pointed needles, once again in wood. Mom will bring them with her when she comes in September. It’s not only that they feel good in your hands, they are just slippery enough, and the points are really pointy, but they are also really beautiful to look at. See?

OK, that’s enough advertising for KnitPicks!

Other ‘nitting news: I’ve joined the Ravelympics over at Ravelry. You have to be a member of Ravelry to play. The rules are: cast on during the Opening Ceremonies and cast off no later than the Closing Ceremonies, which gives you 17 days to complete a project. The project is yours to choose. There are teams and events you can join. I’ve joined the “Lace Longjump” and I will work on the Travelling Roses Lace Scarf using blue Malabrigo. Here’s the original:

I’m not a fast knitter but I figure since this is a scarf, I can just bind off no matter how far I am during the Closing Ceremonies and call it a finished scarf! That’s not cheating is it! DB said, right away, “You know we’re MOVING during the Olympics.” What he really meant to say is “You know we have to paint our entire house and pack everything and work full time during the Olympics so I have no idea when you’ll have time for yet another project!” He’s right of course. But I still want to try.

Today I will finish the mystery socks that can’t be shown. I plan to write up the pattern tomorrow and hopefully have that finished in the next week. But the hard part is getting good photos for these socks. Knitty only uses really good photos so I’d better think of something clever asap.

Also in project news, I’m nearly finished with the first spiral kitchen rug that I’m crocheting. Unfortunately, it’s not very thick and doesn’t feel very rug-like. I think I will have to make two of them and sew them together back to back. I’ve got plenty of that cotton ribbon to do so. I just hope I’m not totally and completely bored to death with it before I finish it. I don’t want it to become a UFO!

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