WordPress upgrade success (eventually)

This morning I upgraded to WordPress 2.6 which is not as easy as the WordPress.org writers would lead you to believe. They say it’s a 3 step process. Sure. But some of the steps have sub-steps and then it may not be right. I don’t mind doing this, as I like a challenge and I like tech chores, but I can imagine this is pretty intimidating for a lot of people.

After doing the ftp file copy, deleting and carefully keeping my template files, I fired up my blog only to see that all my categories and link categories were GONE! Well, they weren’t exactly GONE but the descriptions were gone and of course it’s the descriptions that are shown on the site.

After searching around a bit I found this page, which explained exactly how to fix it. THANKS DAVID! So I went from THIS (I was in process of fixing it so the last 3 had been fixed already):

Back to the correct THIS:

Ahhh, back to normal. I also had to edit the link categories because the headings to all my blogroll lists were also gone.

The next step is to find a new template. Maybe not today. We’ll see. I’m so afraid that if I change templates I’ll lose all my blogroll stuff altogether which would be a real bummer. I HAVE backed up everything (having learned from lots of previous disasters).

I’ve been blogging with this template for almost a year now so it’s time for a change. You’ll see it first!

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