When It Rains It Pours

You know we got the keys to our new house one week ago.  Since then we’ve been busy cleaning and hole filling and sanding and getting ready to paint the walls.  This house was built in the 30’s and has been renovated and changed over the years.   You think there won’t be surprises once the place is empty and you can see everything clearly, but how often are there really no surprises?

Wednesday DB discovered that we had no hot water anymore.  He had to call someone out to look at the boiler and 300 euros later it was working again.  Several parts had to be changed.  Shortly after that the front doorbell stopped working and we have to get someone to come look at the electrics.  Yesterday at the end of the day the weather turned very stormy with lots of lightening and thunder and torrential rains.  DB went up stairs to make sure there were no leaks and yelled down at me “Bring a bucket!”.  There was a big leak in the top floor “office” room and water was streaming down from the corner of the slanting roof section.  Good thing we had bought big buckets earlier that day!  DB then looked in the yellow pages to find someone to come look at the roof.  Someone is coming this morning first thing.  It’s supposed to keep raining for the next few days so we need to get it sorted out quickly.

We were doing really good with our moving budget.  We were about 1,000 euros UNDER budget.  Until this week.  Now I’m just hoping we don’t have to kick in a lot more money and I hope there won’t be any more surprises.

Painting starts in earnest on Saturday.  We have DB’s parents and 3 friends helping us so we should be able to get done in good time.  Then we have to oil the floors.  There will still be things to do after we move in, and to tackle in the next year (like painting the entryway which we aren’t doing now) but at least we need to get the main painting done and the floors done so we can move in on the 21st.  And pack everything up of course!

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