Here’s proof that I’m participating in the Ravolympics: above you see part of the Traveling Roses scarf pattern, a bit of my knitting, my knees holding it up, and the tv and the Olympics gymnastics in the background. You can also see the end of the sofa bed on the left (the stripe fabric) which tells you that we are still in moving-mode. The only thing you don’t see are my hands with white paint on them. I hope the paint doesn’t come off on the knitting!

After the last post when it seemed like everything was going wrong, I am happy to report that things are going right again. The roof guys came and will be back on Monday to fix a few tiles and make the gutter work properly, which should take care of the leaking roof, all for the low low price of 80 euros (much lower than I was expecting). The doorbell is working again (but we don’t know why or how). DB’s uncle came by this afternoon and sawed off some really heavy bolts that the previous owners left in the living room wall. We painted 2 rooms, with the help of A. Tomorrow we paint the living room and dining room with help from A. again and from PW. also. Unfortunately, we need a lot more paint than we expected so that’s an added expense.

The really good news too is that my T-Mobile account is finally sorted out and I can use my iPhone as a phone again! YIPPEE! I haven’t blogged about that yet, but, what a NIGHTMARE! One week ago my iPhone stopped working as a phone. I could SMS. I could web surf. I just couldn’t phone anyone. Huh? I went to T-Mobile on Rokin in Amsterdam last Monday at lunchtime. After waiting in line 30 minutes I was told I needed to take my contract to the shop where I bought the phone because they had not completed my paperwork correctly. The next day I went there after work and was told some totally bizarre story that didn’t make any sense, the girl copied my contract and said she would call me the next day. Wednesday came and went with no phone call. Thursday morning I went to the shop again in person, with my contract, and a guy said that there had been a problem on the day I bought the phone (there was a massive black out of all T-Mobile computer systems) and my contract was never completed correctly. He said it could take a week to get working again. As you can imagine, I was furious. None of this was my fault and they would take a WEEK to sort it out?! I was so mad. I was cursing up a storm. Maybe that impressed the guy because today, 2 days later, my phone is working again! It pays to know enough Dutch to get mad at people in their own language. That feels good. 🙂

Anyway, back to the knitting, back to Ravolympics, and pack to the tv for a little RnR before hitting the bed, hard. DB and I are both beat from the work in the new house and the packing we do at night when we come home. Thank goodness we have friends and family helping us or we’d never be done in time.

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