Progress on 2 Projects

I’m in the middle of 2 projects:  MOVING (a series of related smaller projects, like painting and packing) and Ravolympics.  Here are some photos to give you an update on each one:

First, photos and a complaint.  The photos are of my Traveling Roses scarf that I’m making for the Ravolympics.  It’s coming along nicely, but I have to tell you, tonight I’m too tired even to knit.  Why?  Well, that has to do with the OTHER project.  What’s wrong with these photos though?  The first one is what my iPhone thinks is reality.  The second one is after I altered it in Photoshop Elements to show the REAL colors of my couch and of the yarn.  This is my main complaint about the iPhone:  the camera sucks.  I don’t care that it only has 2mp.  I can live with that.  What I can’t live with is that so often the colors are completely off.  I have to edit nearly every photo to fix it.  Maybe it’s a bug that will be fixed with a software update.  One can only hope.

Today DB and both had the day off work (and tomorrow too) and we worked in the new house for more than 10 hours.  We painted the kitchen.  I painted a blue wall and a green wall.  DB painted hard places like the plinths.  RB was also there to help and worked on the woodwork and doors.  We’re beat.  My back is killing me.  I only have the energy to write this post and then I’m going to BED!

One wall in the guest room is green:

One wall in our bedroom is blue (sorry no photo yet).  I think I will paint a wall in the office blue also because it’s just a lovely shade of blue.  It reminds me of the ocean or a beach house.  I really like it.  DB is still getting used to it. 🙂  He wanted something darker.

It’s really going to be many days of hard work to get ready to move in one week.  There’s still so much to do and we’re both trying not to panic about getting it all done.  We’re already making a list of things that can wait til after we move (like the guest room floors and furniture, and the attic).

Someone came to look at the space that needs fixing up where the washer and dryer will go.  A new cement floor section needs to be laid and an old sink removed.  The good news is that it can be done before 3 September!  Good news Mom- you can do your laundry while you’re here!

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