O + P = Patatje Oorlog

I’m combining the O and P for the ABC-Along 2008.  I have to.  What else does O and P stand for besides that quintessential Dutch food:  patatje oorlog ?

Literally it means “french fry war”.  Take some thick cut fries, put mayonnaise on the side, put some pindasaus (peanut sauce) on the side, and put chopped raw onions over the top of the 2 sauces.  Dip your fries in the sauces, scooping up the onions as you go, and enjoy!  Peanut sauce by the way was adopted by the Dutch from Indonesia and can be found everywhere.  It’s not sweet, is a little bit spicy hot, and is a little bit salty.  It’s really really good!

Here’s a photo of patatje oorlog.  I hardly even eat fries.  But when I do, this is the best way to do it.

By the way, the log thing in the roll at the top of the photo is another “only in Holland” delight:  a croquette.  This is gooey meat gravy stuff, rolled in crunchy coating and deep fried.  You can buy them in this log shape and eat them without the bread, dipping them in mustard, or you can buy them in ball shapes, about the size of golfballs.  The round shaped ones are called bitterballen (bitter balls).  Don’t ask me why.  They are weird to eat at first, but I’ve grown to like them a lot.  Watch out!  Don’t burn your tongue!

2 thoughts on “O + P = Patatje Oorlog

  1. RedScot August 17, 2008 / 18:10

    Oh, I miss the bittergarnituur (sp?) from when I lived in Holland. I was also partial to kaastengels dipped in sweet pepper sauce… Yum!

  2. Ina August 22, 2008 / 20:47

    Surfing over from Ravelry: Thanks for the culinary adventure! I’d never heard of this delicacy – it sounds potentially addicting.

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