Hurt So Good

Due to the moving and the migraine, I missed running during the last 2 weeks. Therefore, I HAD to run today. I was tired. My body ached from painting and packing. But still, if I don’t run often enough I’ll never make that 16km for the Dam to Dam in just about ONE MONTH. According to the plan, I should have run 12km today. I didn’t figure that would be possible so I was happy to settle for 10. I didn’t expect much. I actually expected to walk a portion of the 10km.

But again, as always, I learned something new about running and about physiology.

I went prepared not only with my Nike+ wrist band, but also my iPhone loaded up with an application called RunKeeper. It takes advantage of the GPS chip in the iPhone and tracks your route, speed, etc. via the satellite connection. Pretty cool, if it worked. The developers warn you not to run under heavy tree coverage so I was a little worried I would lose the connection. Everything worked even better than I expected, including my body.

I warmed up well, then started running the usual Sloterplas route, music from the iPhone in my ears, and wireless waves streaming through my body from various devices. And I ran, and ran and ran, without stopping for 10.8km! How about THAT! It felt good to be MOVING after days of STANDING and painting. It felt good to use different muscles. What I learned is that even if your body is tired and sore from a certain activity, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your RUNNING muscles are tired and sore. My running muscles were just fine, thanks very much. I didn’t even breath hard. I ran the last 1km faster than the rest because I decided I should be breathing a little harder. Now I can’t wait to go again and try for a better time.

And how did the iPhone and RunKeeper perform? Flawlessly. Here’s a screen shot of the results on the RunKeeper Dashboard:

I’m really impressed with how accurate this thing is.  You can see that at 2km I ran a slightly different path the second time around and it picked that up precisely.  Granted, this is not a full fledged training site or device.  It’s very basic and I’m sure there’s a lot more that can be done with this information.  There’s actually more visual information about my run on the iPhone itself and I don’t know why you can’t get to it on the web site.  I hope that the developers will expand the functionality soon.  In any case, for 7.99 what do you want?   If you want more you can always plunk down several hundreds of dollars/euros for something  much more sophisticated.  For me, this will do for now!

One thought on “Hurt So Good

  1. yvonnep August 20, 2008 / 00:09

    oh wow x 2
    keep up the good running – i’m working at the 10k too
    cool thing with your iphone…

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