Our New Town

The moving in continues.  Today we hung curtains and finished up the guest room by making the beds and putting together the bedside table.  That room is DONE!  Yippee!  A finished room!

By 4pm we were fed up.  We cleaned up and headed into the city by bike.  As you can see from the photo above, it was gorgeous weather today (as it was also yesterday) and we were both fed up at wasting such nice weather stuck inside working in the house.

We parked our bikes exactly where this photo was taken, at the edge of the Grote Markt in the center of Haarlem.  We found a restaurant nearby and sat outside and had some food and drinks (no alcohol for me because of yet another migraine).  It was so nice to sit outside in nice weather!  We walked around the city center a bit before heading home and I have to say, I can’t wait to try all these restaurants!  Every where you turn there are restaurants with terraces.  Our last stop was an ice-cream parlor.  We got cups full of home made ice-cream and sat near the church you see above and ate it up.  Ahhhh. Lekker.

Only two more days til Mom and friends fly in.  I have to work during these two days.  So, my evenings will be spent getting the last things ready.  We’re working first on the common areas and the last things to be sorted out, sad to say, will be our own bedroom and the office.  I still don’t know where my socks are.  Nothing is hung on hangers yet.  That’s ok.  We’ll all sleep well at least!

One thought on “Our New Town

  1. withsticks September 1, 2008 / 18:18

    My husband was baptized in that church and we were married at City Hall there.

    I love Haarlem.

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