New Routines

For the past 4 years I’ve been biking to work. I lived and worked in Amsterdam so biking to work was quite normal. If the weather was really bad I might take a tram, but even if it was just lightly raining I’d put on my rain pants and rain coat and hop on the bike. Biking in Amsterdam is not for the novice bike rider, even though plenty of tourists give it a try (and cause lots of problems for themselves and others). I tended to bike in the morning earlier than most people so my morning commute was relatively peaceful and stress free. Biking home however was more exciting, dodging tourists and other bikers and cars. Sometimes I was thankful for bad weather because fewer people were out on the streets.

Now I have a new routine. This morning I biked to the Haarlem train station and waited for the train to Amsterdam Centraal along with a hundreds of other people. Trains come every 15 minutes and it’s only a 15 minute train ride (normally) so it’s not really much of a commute, but still it’s a completely different feeling. On the streets of Haarlem at 7:45 in the morning are hundreds of bike riders heading to work. At 7:45 in Amsterdam the streets are deserted. It’s not easy to find a parking place in all this!

I have high hopes of being able to knit on the train. Last week I realized that it’s not possible to knit something that requires you to look at the instructions. There’s just no room on the train for such a maneuver. I’m still trying to finish this damn lace scarf that was supposed to be finished on the last day of the Olympics, as part of the Ravolympics challenge, so I took it with me this morning for the train trip. Last night I stopped knitting on it at the point in the pattern where I can knit 7 rows without looking at the instructions. Or so I thought.

I knit 3 rows and then looked at my work and then started to laugh. I messed up the count and the pattern was off. I’ll have to frog back those 3 rows. I continued to smile and put the knitting back in the bag and rode the rest of the way looking out the window thinking about what I SHOULD be knitting on the train.

I now have a train project planned. DB has been asking for a scarf for 2 years now since we came back from NZ. He picked out some yarn from Touch Yarns which we visited in Alexandra, on the South Island. He wants something really simple and basic. No stitch pattern. Nothing fancy. The yarn itself is the fancy part and it will carry the scarf without a pattern. I’ll do a simple 2×2 rib and not have to think about it at all. It’s the perfect commuter project. Here’s the yarn:

It’s fingering weight and I’ll probably use size 2 or 3 needles, making it a rather slow moving project. At 30 minutes per day I might just get it done for Christmas! 🙂

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