Travels in NL

Since Mom and friends arrived, we’ve been visiting places around home. We haven’t been able to do as much as we’d hoped because Mom hurt her back just before she flew over here and she hasn’t been able to walk very well. Last Monday evening we went to a fysio (physiotherapist) down the street and he seems to have done wonders for her. She can now walk about 15-20 minutes at a time, which is a great improvement, and she can also walk stairs much much easier.

Tuesday we headed northeast in search of Menno Simons and distant relations. We drove over the Afsluitdijk to Friesland and then Groningen. We first went in search of the Menno Simons church and the monument in Witmarsum. The church was closed but we happened to run into a woman (at another church) who said to come back on Wednesday because the Menno Simons church would be open and showing quilts from the book Passing on the Comfort. We decided to continue to Groningen and to come back to Witmarsum the next day.

It was a gorgeous day and when we got to Groningen and checked into the hotel, we headed to the Grote Markt and found a terrace to sit and enjoy the sun. The city was FULL of students enjoying the weather before school and bad weather sets in. Mom tried bitterballen, but wasn’t too impressed.

Wednesday morning we headed to the Groningen Archief (archives) to search for a relative who supposedly was born in Groningen between 1699 and 1702. We found out that ALL the available information from that long ago can be found online and we could have done the same research from the comfort of our living rooms. You can search yourself here.

We then went back to the Grote Markt to wait for the Mennonite church nearby to open up. We sat in the sun and had coffee and a little lunch. R. enjoyed her Dutch tosti.

We visited this church, set back from the street. They had historical information about Menno Simons and the Mennonite church. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything in English, but Mom and R. bought a lot of post cards.

Then we were off to Witmarsum again where we visited the current Menno Simons church, with the original quilts from WWII

And the monument (me and Mom)

And the artwork church that sits on the site of Menno Simons first church.

Phew! It was a busy 2 days with enough driving and I’m happy to be home again. We were lucky actually to see as much as we did. We were lucky that the churches were open because they aren’t normally. And we were lucky with the weather. I hope it continues!

One thought on “Travels in NL

  1. Cybèle September 11, 2008 / 22:56

    O bitterballen, now I’m hungry! I told my nine year old the other day what patatje oorlog was, and she wants to try it next time we go over.
    Stroopwafels is one thing that everybody seems to like – I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. And I’ve had a terrible craving for speculaas the last few days, but that could have something to do with the grey and gloomy weather we keep having here – not like the sunny weather you seem to be having! Enjoy the rest of their stay.

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