One week to go!

Only 1 week til the Dam to Dam race.  It’s 10 miles or 16km.  I have to admit I haven’t kept up the training as I hoped I could.  Too many other things going on I guess.  But I’m still on track to FINISH the race, but I don’t expect to do any decent time at all.  I just want to finish within the 2 hour limit.  

This morning I ran my longest run ever – 12.2km.  I stopped at the 1 hour mark to drink water and suck down one of those gel energy things.  EEEEWw!  Those things are disgusting.  But they work!  I never had an energy drop or felt really tired during the run.  I was having that problem earlier with longer runs (over 10k).

I am still trying to find new routes for these long runs.  Still exploring the neighborhood.  Today I ran out into the polder which I like a lot.  I took these photos.  It was drizzly and cool and perfect for a long run.  Now, I just need to rest up for the big race!!!!


One thought on “One week to go!

  1. doris September 14, 2008 / 21:21

    Good luck with everything!! Thank you for these beautiful photos!! I once spent a year in A’dam (as an exchange student) and I sometimes miss the country, the language,… – just “heimwee”. Haarlem is very beautiful ,by the way – I think it’s a great place to live in. I am a regular reader of your blog, although this is my first comment. Groetjes en doei, Doris

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