Friday in Amsterdam

Friday Mom, her two friends and I went EARLY into Amsterdam to see the book market on het Spui set up and also to visit the Amsterdam Historical Museum.  The EARLY part was especially painful because the night before we had gone to The Movies for dinner and, of course, a movie (Brideshead Revisited).  And after that we managed to walk through the Red Light District – sorry no photos of that, but rest assured that Mom and friends were “impressed”, if I can put it that way.

Anyway, Friday morning we had breakfast at a cafe on het Spui and then once the stalls were mostly set up, we wandered around looking at books.

C. and R. found some young German tourists to pose with.  That’s me in the middle, keeping them under control.

After looking at a lot of old and mostly Dutch language books we ducked into the ABC and I spent far too much money on books.  Books and yarn – always my downfall.  After that we went to the Amsterdam Historical Museum.  It’s a lovely museum and well worth a visit, but it’s BIG and goes on FOREVER and once you are in there doesn’t seem to be any way OUT!  Mom was still struggling with walking and there are a lot of stairs in this museum so by the time we finished walking all of it we were all pretty tired and very hungry.  We headed directly to Cafe Luxembourg for lunch.  After lunch I surprised them with a visit to the Begijnhof.  There’s quite a lot of history to this hidden oasis in the city center as the first mentions of the houses is in the year 1150.  Follow the link for info.  It was another gorgeous day and we enjoyed being outside.  Here’s a photo of Mom and friends enjoying the beauty of the Begijnhof.

Friday was our last day in Amsterdam and we used the time to its fullest.  I think my visitors really enjoyed the day!

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