Family Weekend

I’m sitting in a small village near Nijmegen, in a huge vacation house with…. oh I don’t want to count…. lots of kids and adults.  This is the yearly “family weekend”.  We get together and eat and drink and play and hang out.  It’s always a bit crazy and always fun.  I have photos to share, but I didn’t bring the card reader to put photos on the computer, so that will have to wait til later tonight or tomorrow.  For now, I CAN share our run map from yesterday.

G., I., and I ran the Dam tot Dam together, and yesterday morning was our first run since then.  We are all started to train for a half marathon, which we will do in one year’s time.  Yesterday our goal was to run 50 minutes, and we did that easily.  We’ve signed up to run the 7km race during the Amsterdam Marathon, which takes place in 3 weeks!  We’ll do that easily enough!

I used my iPhone and RunKeeper yesterday to chart our run.  Here are the results below.  RunKeeper has added some new charts for time and elevation, which is pretty cool.

We just started running down the road from the vacation house and would turn around about half way.  At about the 3km mark we saw a board sign “Deutschland”.  Ha!  We had no idea we were so close to the border.  We decided to run for a while in Germany, then turn around and come back.  Right over the border you can see that the houses are bigger and the bike lanes are smaller.  🙂

This is really a lovely area!  There are rolling green hills with farms and trees.  We found a pumpkin farm selling at least 8 types of pumpkins.  Yesterday we walked there and hauled 5 back and today we’ll go back with the car to get more.  Yummmm!  I can’t wait to cook with them.  They even have spaghetti squash which is the first time I’ve seen that in NL.  

The weather has been lovely all weekend, and I have photos to prove it.  Come back in 24 hours to see some lovely countryside photos.  I would be happy to come back here for a long weekend again.

Oh, by the way, thanks to everyone who left comments after my last post about the 16km Dam to Dam run.  I’m pretty proud of us too!  We aren’t stopping here – on to the half marathon – and you can do it too!  Even if it takes a long time and even if you get frustrated, don’t give up.  If I can make this, you can make your goals too.

2 thoughts on “Family Weekend

  1. Cybèle September 29, 2008 / 11:11

    That’s just the sort of post I needed – I’ve been stuck on the same plateau for such a long time and don’t seem to be making any progress, and this weekend I just felt like giving up because ‘I’m just not a runner, lets just face it’. Trying to fit it in with lots of other commitments isn’t easy but I really, really want to be able to run my 5k and then onto 10k. I ran with my daughter last week and it was so much more fun – once you get that rhythm going, it’s so much easier. Shame she’s got to go to school 😉
    Looking forward to landscape photos – I went to school in Arnhem and go back to Nijmegen from time to time to go to the Thermen there – have a visit planned for November which I’m looking forward to. But I’m most looking forward to my impromptu visit to Holland this coming weekend 🙂

  2. earlybird October 4, 2008 / 19:51

    Hey Cybele, hang in there with the running. Just don’t give up!
    I hope you enjoy your weekend here. The weather has changed a lot in the last week – suddenly it’s cold and wet. Where are you visiting?

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