Stay Tuned

I know I promised photos from the weekend, but things have come up and I haven’t had time.  Sorry!

Yesterday I had to go to Gent for work.  It was a one day trip, which turned into a VERY long day indeed.  What should have been a 3 hour trip home at the end of the day turned into a 5.5 hour marathon of trains.  I got home at 11:15pm last night.  Taxi from the office was late, thus missed train, then the train was late, then the train broke down and we had to change to a slower train.  It just didn’t end!

And therefore I’m really tired tonight and besides had an urgent chore to do:  book flights to Turin.  My niece and her boyfriend have been invited to participate in the Slow Food Nation event in Turin in 3 weeks and heck, they are just in the neighborhood, so we’re going to go see them there.  It took all evening to book flights and the first hotel night.  Everything is FULL!

Tomorrow night I’m going to dinner with a friend, which means that I won’t have time til Friday night to post photos from last weekend and put them up here.  Please stay with me!

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