I’m in the wrong business

Today while in Haarlem to get my hair cut, I walked by a shop that had some really beautiful knitted garments in the window.  I took some photos.

The sweater (there on the right) was only 149 euros, which for a lovely (hand?) knit sweater I thought was pretty cheap.  How many hours did that take?  

These sweater coats where also not so expensive, considering their size and how lovely they are.  This is some real stranded knitting going on, and were 229 for the one on the left and 190 for the one on the right.  Not cheap, by any means, but for something KNIT, it didn’t seem ridiculous to me. 

I also saw these really cute crocheted animals.

What really captured my mind with these images is not just that knitted and crocheted items are “in”.  Heck you can always find sweaters for sale.  But what is special about these is that they are really super quality and are really colorful and cheerful.  It’s like shouting out to the world that high quality knitwear with nice yarn and colorful intricate work is something to be proud of and you should spend a lot of money for it.  It made me happy to see it.

It also made me think that I’m really in the wrong business.  How did I end up here?  Why didn’t I pursue my life long passion for designing clothes and knitting?  Why do I spend all my energy in meetings and answering email and trying to make sense out of others people’s ideas?  I feel like I’m on a train now and won’t get off for a while because I like my nice house and want to be able to pay for it!  Ah such is life.  I count my blessings (I HAVE a good job and good house and good man) and continue to knit in my spare time and dream about when I will have more time to write up those sock instructions and finally design that Maori inspired sweater and figure out just how to make toe-up reversible Brioche stitch knee socks.

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