Photos from Groesbeek

I’m finally getting some time to post photos from last weekend in Groesbeek, near Nijmegen.  I thought that I would feel like doing this last night, but… what on earth was I thinking?  After a long week with two very late nights, I would feel like uploading photos and writing a blog post on a Friday night?  Not on your life!  I felt rather like eating Turkish take-out and drinking a beer and falling asleep on the couch.  Ahhhhhh.

Also, yesterday I had the worst hair day ever and decided to give up on the idea of growing my hair out long again and just cut it all off.  This morning I headed over to Kinkikappers in Haarlem only to find out that they have a different system than in Amsterdam.  In Amsterdam they don’t take appointment except for the very same day, so you could show up at 9:30am and get right in for a cut.  Here, they take appointments the day before for the following morning.  So, when I arrived at 9:30 I was told to come back at 1:15pm.  Damn.  Back home again, I painted a wall up in the attic where a bookcase needs to be set up against.  I really want to get some more boxes unpacked, and those boxes contain BOOKS.  

Now, much later in the day, the painting is done for the day and my hair is again short.  Oh it feels so GOOD!  

Now, for the promised photos.  Here they are, with short captions under each.

This is the route we ran on Saturday morning.  Straight ahead in the far distance is the German border.  Lovely day, wasn’t it?

There were a lot of corn fields in the area and they looked ready to pick.  There were also potatoes growing.

This is the pumpkin farm where we bought: 1 huge pumpkin that took 2 of us to carry which will go in the front of the house for decoration; 1 large pumpkin to carve a face into; 3 cooking pumpkins; 2 spaghetti squash which no one (outside me and this farmer) have ever heard of; 2 small pumpkins for decoration.  On Saturday afternoon DB and I walked to this place and carried 4 of the above back to the vacation house.  We went back Sunday with the car and bought the rest.  I was so happy to find this farm!  Tomorrow I will make pumpkin soup!

Just yards away from the pumpkin farm is this Canadian WWII memorial and cemetery.  It’s a big place with also a big parking lot.  It was very well kept and beautiful.  We walked around and I took a few photos.  There was one young man there with a little Canadian flag.  Maybe it was his great-grandfather he was looking for.  It was the Canadians and British who liberated this part of the Netherlands in 1945.  A mile or so away is a museum dedicated to the liberation from Nazi Germany.  Here are some more photos:

On our way back from the cemetery and farm we saw some curious sheep.

In the village of Groesbeek last weekend there was a wine festival going on.  There were tents set up and there was wine tasting and buying happening.  There were lots of things for kids to do too, like making key rings and bracelets (above).  

And kids got to stamp grapes.  I have no idea what they did with that muck – hopefully fed it to some local pigs.

And that’s the end of the photo show from last weekend.  It was a nice weekend and I hope next year we have equally nice weather.

5 thoughts on “Photos from Groesbeek

  1. Cybele October 4, 2008 / 21:56

    didn’t they make wine with that muck? 😉
    I remember visiting a Canadian war cemetery in France about 12 or 13 years ago. I was quite similar in age back then to quite a few of the soldiers there, which made the visit even more thought-provoking.

  2. mandy October 5, 2008 / 06:23

    Aw! After seeing yours and grandma’s pics I’d been meaning to tell you that I liked – and was envious of – your new long hair! I know how you feel, though; I can’t seem to get mine any longer than a certain point anymore. 🙂
    Mmmm…spaghetti squash…my favorite! 🙂

  3. Angie October 16, 2008 / 11:14

    Hi, I’m currently living in Nijmegen, Netherlands with my family and am wondering where in Groesbeek you found that cute Pumpkin Farm? If you could let me know, I would really appreciate it! Great blog…!

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