1 Year Old

Last Tuesday night was the one year anniversary of Amsterdam North Stitch ‘n Bitch group.  The Amsterdam Central SnB group was invited to join them up north to celebrate.  Here we are, with a table FULL of fantastic food, interesting projects being worked on, and lots of talking going on.  It was a really fun evening!

W. organized a very fun game of knitting trivia which Carla won (easily!).  Did you know that the oldest knitted garment ever found was a sock?  No, it wasn’t a sweater.  The easiest question of the night was “What is the name of the mascot on Ravelry?”  Bob, you are so famous!  

I really enjoy these SnB evenings.  I’ve never been a joiner.  I lasted Camp Fire Girls just one year.  I don’t like team sports.  But this group is different.  Knitters are interesting and never boring.  It’s not just about the knitting – it’s something about us that makes us knitting fanatics and it’s that something we like to share around a table.  If you’re a knitter, go check out a SnB group, even if you are shy, or don’t like groups.  You might be surprised!

One thought on “1 Year Old

  1. Carla M October 23, 2008 / 21:26

    Thanks for having me! I really enjoyed being with you on this special night, but felt a bit embarrassed to win the game so quickly. But I’m so happy with the prices, especially the wonder handspun and handdyed yarn from Wendel!~

    Carla M

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