Q is for Quit

I Quit looking for a Q to add to the ABC-Along.  

As you can see in the right column of my blog, I am (sort of) participating in the 2008 ABC-Along where you must upload a photo of something meaningful in your life relating to the letter for that time period.  I’ve been stuck on Q since August 17.  So I quit.  It’s put me behind on all the other letters and I’m just fed up with it!

I’m not one to QUIT something that I’ve signed up for, so I will just QUIT this impossible Q task and continue catching up with the rest of the letters I’m behind on.  

I could have done QUEEN (which we have here)

but how predictable is that?  And besides, it’s not a very personal Q.  

I could have done QUIVET (the wool from a musk ox)

but I don’t actually own any so that’s not personal either.

So I give up and QUIT the Q and head on over to R and see what Real Relevance I can find!


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