White Wall

This photo was taken at 8:26 this morning, just a few steps from where I work.  Don’t you just love the view of NEMO in the background?  NOT!  It’s really a white out here today, and as I write this at 12:20 it is STILL as white as the photo above.  

Last night I went to Stitch n Bitch.  The only other person who came is a new guy, D., who was very nice and we sat and chatted and knit together.  It was lovely to meet him and it was just fine sitting with a total stranger knitting (I could feel happy in hell if I could knit), but I missed the gezelligheid of the big group.  Where was everyone last night?

I worked on the hot pink version of the alligator scarf I’m making for a 7 year old niece.  Here’s a photo of it I TRIED to take this morning, in the cold and fog, holding the scarf with one hand and my iPhone with the other hand, leaving no way to press the shutter button.  It was tricky, thus the lousy photo.  Ah well, you get the idea.  I’ll post finished photos soon.  I should have it done by the end of the weekend.

3 thoughts on “White Wall

  1. Cybèle November 4, 2008 / 15:27

    You must work either at the library or close to it. I’m glad I don’t work there. I’d spend my lunchtime at the cafe on the 7th floor. 😉 Seriously though, what a brilliant view you must have. It definitely beats my ‘office’ view: I’m stuck underneath the stairs at home, which has to be the darkest corner of the house.

  2. Cassandra November 4, 2008 / 15:33

    Oh, gosh, sorry I wasn’t there, I will be next week. I’m in CT, biting my nails about the election but very excited to be here for it!

  3. earlybird November 11, 2008 / 22:01

    Cybele: You aren’t the real Harry Potter are you?

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