Calling All Bookworms

DB is into anything info-techy.  So are his blog/twitter/ning buddies.  Via via via he led me to LibraryThing.  Oh man, this is an amazing site.  If you know Ravelry, then imagine Ravelry for books and book lovers.  If you don’t know Ravelry, then think of your books, linked to others with the same books, or types of books, linked to book suggestions and book reviews and info on authors, books, subjects, etc. etc. etc.  LibraryThing calls themselves the “world’s biggest book club”.  That’s pretty darn cool.

You can sign up and get in right away.  Start adding books immediately to your library.  You can add up to 200 books for free but after that you are charged a reasonable fee.  I’m going for the $25 for life.

And it appears to be a very cool community too.  Their latest blog post talks about a “flash mob” event at a small library north of Boston where they will converge, log all the books in the library into LibraryThing, eat pizza and go home.  Wow.  Too cool.  Read about it here. (OK, I’ve already written “cool” too many times in the one blog post.)

One warning:  it’s looking like the site is becoming a victim of its own success.  Sometimes it is down and messages say it’s overloaded.  It’s worth the wait though.

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