Is This Enough?

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time on surfing around looking at what yarn is available, especially what is available in Europe, from European manufacturers and European shops.  I’ve gotten links from total strangers for lovely sites and info about shops.  I have a huge list in my head of yarn I’m THIS CLOSE to buying.

Then this morning I spent some time upstairs looking at my stash.  I have enough stash to line up projects for the whole of 2009.  No problem.   And it’s not like I’m not enthusiastic about my stash or the projects.  I AM enthusiastic.  So why this urge to buy MORE and line up MORE projects that I can’t hope to finish if I was to actually work on the stash pile?  It’s just that there are so many things I want to MAKE.  I enjoy it so much that I even enjoy the THOUGHT of these new and different projects. 

But, I have enough yarn in the stash for:

15 pairs of socks

5 sweaters

2 lace shawls (or one really big one)

2 vests

2 summer sweaters in cotton

2 more rugs (like the one in the kitchen already made)

4 hats

plus enough small bits to make gloves, hats, etc.

Shouldn’t I be happy with that for a while?  I think so.  Which leads me to a really big decision:

I will stop buying yarn for at least 6 months.  Wow,  That’s a big decision.  I can spend my time now knitting instead of shopping and searching!

But wait, my neice is getting married in 2009.  If she wants a wedding shawl (or maybe even if she DOESN’T want one) I’ll have to buy lace yarn for that. 

OK, that’s my first exception to the new rule.  I am allowed lace yarn for M.’s shawl.  But that’s it.  Really.  Promise.

Unless the Wolmeise gets some more yarn on her site……

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