U is for Under Dutch Skies

I started blogging on July 23, 2006.  It started out as a Blogger blog, but I have graduated to WordPress self hosted set up.  I don’t remember how I came up with the name “Under Dutch Skies”, but it is my invention and I like it very much.

And frankly, the skies that I live under are very often jaw dropping beautiful.  These are only a couple of photos I could quickly find, and seeing skies in person is always better:

So, dear readers, I will continue to live and breath and BE UnderDutchSkies, on Ravelry, on Flickr, on LibraryThing, Ning…… you never know where I’ll show up.


  1. It is said that the Dutch skies are the best in paintings.
    I agree.

    You went to Zandvoort?
    Best place for good skies.

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