Trick or Treat, Dutch style

Today is “Sint Maarten” in much of the Netherlands.  Kids make (or buy) lamps and put them on the end of sticks, go door to door, sing Sint Maarten songs and then wait for people to drop candy into their sacks.  Our next door neighbor’s little girl came with a real pumpkin carved out into a face with a little bike light inside.  That was the best lamp that I saw.  We got quite a few kids coming by actually.  It was sweet, if a little strange for me.  I wanted costumes!  I wanted spooks!

I tried to take photos.  I wanted especially to get a good photo of our niece and nephew who came by. Alas, it’s really hard to take photos of little lights in the pitch darkness.  It’s a very cold windy night and I wouldn’t want to be out there walking kids around.  Obviously the kids don’t mind though – they get a sack of candy.

This is also different from Halloween in the US in that no teenagers dare to come around.  It just isn’t done.  We only had kids younger than 13 come around and most of them were really little kids.  They were cute and sweet.  

Speaking of cute and sweet, here’s a new photo of Bas.  He’s sleeping on the guest bed – the one my mom slept on when she was here.  Bas has claimed it as his “morning when it’s sunny spot”.

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat, Dutch style

  1. Anoniem November 14, 2008 / 14:49

    Zeg, is DB daar nu gewoon koffiekoekjes uit de Tom2 kantine aan het uitdelen?

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