Soft Icons and Bright Ideas

Here are some nice accents for your living room.  If you just can’t get enough of your Mac screen, you can cuddle up with these well known icons.

DB found these on Bright, a Dutch design magazine.  From the article on Bright, there’s a link to the guy’s site who is making and selling these.  Apparently he got the idea a couple of years ago and thus a business was born.  I like those kinds of stories where people just go for it and try to do something unique and make a living at the same time.

It’s too bad for all you English speakers that Bright is only in Dutch.  It’s a really cool, interesting, nice to look at magazine that is a combination of design, art and tech.  I should take more time to read the articles.  I should take more time reading Dutch PERIOD.

I’ve received 3 Dutch novels as gifts over the last year or two.  I haven’t opened them.  Reading Dutch is WORK and when I want to read for pleasure I don’t want to work at it.  I don’t know when reading in Dutch will stop being work and start being at least do-able without having to find a dictionary or a Dutchman every 2 minutes.  I suppose you will all tell me that I will have to work at it before it gets easier.  I know.  I think that the next time I go on a 2 week vacation on a beach I’ll take a Dutch book with me and give it a try.  DB will probably get sick and tired of me asking “what does this mean?” but he’s quicker than a dictionary!

One thought on “Soft Icons and Bright Ideas

  1. Cybèle November 17, 2008 / 11:28

    How about starting on magazines and then working your way up? Or newspapers and newspaper supplements?

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