Just Another Move

I work for a living.  36 hours a week is my official required time to be productive for a company who pays me enough that I can contribute to a house payment and buy yarn to fill it.  It’s an ok trade I guess. 

At this company, nothing is so constant as change.  Things change so often that for a lot of people it’s too unsettling and they leave.  You have to be pretty crazy or tough in order to stick with it.  When I joined the company 4 years ago there were fewer than 200 employees.  Now there are about 1,800 and that doesn’t count the company we just bought that has 2,000 employees itself.  It’s been nuts.

The latest thing that has changed is where I’m sitting.  My latest location has a very nice view and since I’ve been here so long I get a choice window seat.  Here’s the view from my desk:

The water you see is the IJ (pronounced “eye”).  This is the river that runs behind the Central Station in Amsterdam.  

Since starting at this company I have occupied 6 other seats in 3 other buildings, so this is the 4th building and 7th seat for me.  It’s by no means a record.  Some people have moved even more often.  With this view I hope to sit here for quite some time.  Hiring has leveled off and we JUST manage to fit into this building so hopefully we won’t have to move again any time soon.

By the way, I do have some knitting updates for you but since I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark (already) I haven’t been able to take any decent photos.  I will do that this weekend and post them.  I have more than one FO to show you!

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