A Trip Into Town

This morning DB and I went into town.  We drove.  It’s funny to say that we “went into town” because it’s such an American thing to say and doesn’t really make sense here.  We live in town.  We could have gone to the center of the town by bike or by bus, but we were going to do a lot of shopping so we drove the car and parked in a parking garage right in the city center.  Going “into town” means going to the center where most of the shopping happens.

And shop we did!  I bought boots.  We bought food in two different places.  We bought kitchen stuff at three different place (some of which will be sent to M&J as engagement gifts).  DB bought a shoulder bag to carry to work and fits his laptop.  We did a lot of window shopping.  Well, at least I did.  I also took a few photos along the way – things that I thought you might find interesting.

First, I saw these knit animal hats.  They are a zebra, monkey and elephant.  Cute, no?  I’ve been busy knitting a hat and scarfs, so these really caught my eye.

One of the shops we went into was a bike shop.  Specifically the Fietsfabriek.  DB bought me a seat cover.  These come in handy in the rain.  Our bikes sit outside in the weather and when you leave for work in the morning the seat is usually wet.  I normally take a kitchen towel with me and dry it off.  You can also take this coated plastic seat cover with you and pop it over your seat and voila you have a dry place to plant your butt.  Take the seat cover off and with you when you park your bike and you always have it handy for the trip home.  While at this bike shop I took a couple of photos that show you some unique only-in-Holland kind of bikes:

These are bakfiets (bucket  or box bikes).  They are handy to plunk the kids into, or your shopping, and haul everything around with you.  These are pretty deluxe with fenders on the front wheels.

This is a baby carrier version.  The black frame is built especially to hold a baby carrier safely and offers a bit of cushioning suspension.  Putting the baby in the front of a bike is really safest since you can see your baby at all times and if anything happens you can throw yourself over the baby to protect it, or react in some way.  If the baby is in the back there’s no chance you can turn around to do anything in an emergency.  I’ve been biking here for 5 years now and have yet to see anyone crash with a baby, or any harm come to a baby.  I’ve seen people crash, for sure, but I haven’t seen children hurt.  Knock on wood.

I did work with a Dutch guy who was on his bike and was hit by a tram.  He is lucky to be alive.  He was just not paying attention and SLAM.  He broke his eye socket, several ribs and his collar bone.  

I promise to be careful Mom.

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