This morning I got up thinking I would spend a lot of time working up in the attic, putting together a new bookcase, unboxing the last of the books, starting to find some order in the office.  Instead I spent the morning finishing 2 Christmas presents (photos coming this week) and going for a run.  By the time I got back from the run, eating a late lunch and taking a shower it was nearly 3pm!  So much for working up stairs!  DB and I only managed to put legs on a table and move boxes around.  Things take so much longer than you want and the weekends just fly by.

As for the running, I was lucky with the weather today.  It was a bit overcast, but we had a few moments of sunshine breaking through.  I really had to drag my butt outside to run.  I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t have much enthusiasm and had more enthusiasm for my house chores.  But I went.  I know it’s good for me.  I have to consider how much success I’ve had lately with the running and I can’t stop now.  That would be such a shame.  So out I went.

I intended to run 8km, like 2 weeks ago, but after I started I felt really good and ended up running 9.8km.  It was at that point I started to feel my knees a bit, so it was a good time and place to stop.  I stopped at about 5km to take a couple of photos.  I think this photo sums up nicely what my running route looks like.  It has everything:  farm, fields, cows, power lines, car on the road, bikes on the road, a small canal and a blue heron.  It’s the perfect combination of Dutch country landscape!

It’s now Sunday evening and I feel only a little stiff from the run.  Not bad at all!  I find that taking an ibuprofen a few hours after running (I’ll take one before bed) really helps with any inflammation of muscles and keeps me from getting very sore from running.  I was really happy today to notice that I have NO more pain in my shines.  Wow, what a relief!  

Last week I joined a new gym here in Haarlem.  I am making the big effort to go there 2 mornings per week during week days to work on some muscles.  I need to get my knees stronger and do interval training on the treadmill for my condition and speed.  On Sundays I will continue the longer runs, heading back up to 12km in preparation for the 10k Egmond race in January.  It’s so hard to get motivated to get out and run on the weekend (and during the week) but I feel so good afterwards that I have to believe this is a good thing.  I have to remember this good feeling so that it’s easier to kick my own butt out the door!

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