1 FO

Oh this blogging every day is getting tough!  I just walked in the door after an evening at Stitch n Bitch in Amsterdam.  It’s just before 11pm and I really should be going to bed.  But of course I have to post something, and I already have the subject and the photos, so the text will be short and the photos sweet.

The photos below are of Tom’s hat.  Don’t tell Tom because it’s for his birthday.  I wanted to make him a hat in his school colors so I originally thought I’d make a simple hat and stripe the blue into the black.  Then I thought, hey, why not brioche stitch!?  So that’s what it became.  

I didn’t find a pattern that was right, so I just made this one up.  I cast on 96 stitches, using worsted weight yarn and size 3 needles.  I followed Nancy’s instructions for brioche in 2 colors in the round.  When it came time for the decreases I made them random instead of in a nice pattern.  This is for a 16 year old boy and I didn’t want anything “cute”.  I think it looks pretty cool with the randomness.  If you turn it inside out the light blue kind of looks like snakes.  Also boy cool.  Anyway I hope he likes it.  I like it!  And it’s my first brioche project ever.  

Oh, and before I forget, it was FANTASTIC to see everyone (except a few regulars who were sorely missed) tonight.  It was a really fun night and thanks to Malia who brought her color cards, I’ll be breaking my oh so young promise and will be buying more yarn.  I’m so bad.

One thought on “1 FO

  1. mandy November 23, 2008 / 18:34

    Oh, SUPER cool! he’s gonna love it!

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