More FOs!

I’ve got 2 more Finished Objects (FOs for the non-knitting readers out there, who might not be interested in FOs but too bad!) to show you.  These are Christmas presents for J and B, 8 and 5 years old respectively.  These are both made from the Morehouse Farm Baby Alligator pattern, but in both cases I made them longer than the pattern called for.  For the pink one I made 22 body repeats instead of 15.  For the green one I made 20.  Also for the pink one I went up a needle size so that it is a bit looser and a bit bigger.  They are easy to make and actually a lot of fun.  The pink one became my train project the last couple of weeks so that I could get them DONE and checked off my list.

I think they are cute as hell and I just hope the kids think so too!  I might even make myself the adult version some time.

3 thoughts on “More FOs!

  1. Mish November 20, 2008 / 01:33


  2. Anoniem November 20, 2008 / 10:55

    Anoniem wants one too! In black ;o)

  3. louise November 20, 2008 / 22:05

    They are sooo cool, were they really easy to knit? I’m not so sure. i may have to purchase the pattern and make a very early start to next years Xmas gifts.

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