Dutch Design WIP

I’ve started, finally, the Koolhaas hat.  This hat has been on my to-do list for a year now.  First, a bit about the pattern, then about this fabulous yarn.

The hat was designed by Jared Flood, who has had patterns published in Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits, just to name two.  When I first saw this hat on Ravelry, and fell in love with it, I sent Jared an email asking him if the hat was named after the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, and is Jared himself an architect.  He wrote back and said that he designed the hat after the Seattle public library, which is a Koolhaas design.  If you see the building, you get the connection immediately.  No, Jared is not an architect.  He’s an artist and designer, of course!

I am making this hat with thinner yarn than the pattern calls for.  I’m using sport weight.  I started out by adding 16 additional stitches (2 pattern repeats) but after knitting 2 inches I could tell it was too big.  I frogged it (at last Monday’s SnB night) and started over with just 8 additional stitches.  Putting it on my head now, it fits perfectly.  I’m not sure yet how I will handle the decreases at the top.  I’m afraid if I follow the directions I won’t have enough rows knit to make it the right size.  I think I might try my own decrease pattern and see how that works.  If I end up doing something differently than the published directions I will post them here to you too will know how to make it with sport weight yarn.

Now, about the yarn.  I’m using Siren Two yarn from Pigeonroof Studios.  It’s mostly merino wool, with cashmere and 10% nylon.  I love love love this yarn.  It is so perfect for this project.  It is spun firmly, it’s really soft and just knits like a dream.  Really, it’s got to the be best feeling yarn I’ve ever knit with.  And the color!  It’s always hard to capture subtle color with a camera and I hope this gives you some idea.  The light these stormy days is not that great either.  The color is basically various shades of robin’s egg blue, from super light to dark navy-ish blue.  I love it.  The inside of the knitting pattern is smooth and soft, while the outside is where the rough pattern shows.  Against your head it feels lovely.  

If you want to buy from PRS Etsy shop you have to be quick.  She’s sold out fast!  I also have some nice orange-brown sock yarn of hers sitting in my stash.  Fingerless gloves are calling….

So, I hope to get this done before it snows here!  I’ll post more photos when it’s done.  And yes, the Sunrise Circle Jacket is still a WIP too.  Poor neglected thing.

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