Arty Knitting

There was an article in this weekend’s NRC newspaper in the art section about various women around the world busy knitting up the human body. There’s a woman in Germany (Sarah Illenberger) who has knit a heart and internal organs. There’s a Scottish woman now living in the Netherlands (Jimini Hignett) who has knit a human skeleton and other bits and pieces. It was rather startling to see knit female genitals complete with fuzzy dark yarn around the sides. There are some photos of these objects at this blog, but unfortunately the newspaper’s web site itself doesn’t seem to have the article or the photos. Maybe that will be posted in the next day or two. If so, I’ll post them here for you.

One funny comment in the article says

mannen breien blijkbaar nog steeds niet (it appears that men are still not knitting)

Well, I wonder how Andy, Jared, and all the other men at Ravelry feel about that!  Sometimes media people think they are so smart when they really aren’t.  There was another Dutch paper a few weeks ago that had an article about a Stitch ‘n Bitch group.  The writer made some stupid statement about how no one is knitting socks anymore.  Can you imagine?  Socks are the most knitted item in the world at this moment I think.  There’s a group on Ravelry that got rather uppity about this comment and I think some people wrote in to the paper to set them straight.  

The article on Saturday also mentioned the site Knitta Please, which is dedicated to gorilla knitting in the streets.  You can see some of their work on their flickr pages.

But what does all this knitting in the media mean?  I think that like most things that are happening in our small lives, there’s a tipping point where the nosey people who’s job it is to report on our small lives, begin to take notice.  Knitters are coming out.  We are not a trend!  We are not the new yoga!  We are not going to go away.

Knitters are a force to be reckoned with.  We are starting to make better decisions about the yarn we buy (where it comes from, organically grown, dyes that don’t poison) and are refusing to buy garments that look like a million others being made by children in Cambodia.  

Knitters are artists and also pragmatic technicians.  And knitters, in my experience, are the nicest people in the world.  

So, go check out the weird knitted art and support those on the cutting edge of this craft.  They are also opening up the minds of the uninitiated so that one day all we knitters won’t be compared with Grandma any more.

2 thoughts on “Arty Knitting

  1. Dappere Bas November 26, 2008 / 17:02

    so, Rave-knitting-lution!!!!!!!

  2. Jimini HIgnett November 29, 2008 / 19:08

    Hi, if you send me your email addres I can forward a pdf of the NRC article on knitted body parts. ALso you can see some of my knitting on the site
    Jimini Hignett

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