The Best Part

At work I live and breath projects. Project phases. Project deliverables. Project beginnings and project ends. And then I go home and work on knitting projects. There’s no escape!

One of the very best parts of a knitting project is, well, the thinking part before you even begin. I start this process even before I’m finished with the last project. I am mostly a serial knitter (one project to the next) and one thing that spurs me on to finish a project is how excited I already am to start the next one.

I’m in that phase now. I’ve finished the scarves and hats (and the Sunrise Circle Jacket is hibernating) and I’m preparing to start the Capelet.  Here’s a nice one I found a photo of on Ravelry, by Tesae:

I’ve read the whole pattern a couple of times. I agonized over colors to use. I figured I would make mitts to match and even a hat if I have enough yarn left over. By the time I finished the Koolhaas hat I was really psyched to start!

I wrote not too long ago that I wouldn’t buy any more yarn for at least 6 months. I lied. I am terrible at keeping such promises. I caved in before the month was even over. I suck. But I bought the wrong yarn for this project (too thin) and I was already psyched! What else could I do?

So I bought this, from Penelope Craft. It’s my first Cascade 220 project and I’m liking the wool already (I’ve fondled it at least).

Unfortunately, I have to be satisfied with the anticipation excitement for a few days longer. My right shoulder and upper back are really bothering me. I shouldn’t even be typing this. Two years ago I had RSI so bad I had to stop knitting for many months. I don’t want that to happen again. I have to put down the needles and put away the laptop at night for at least a few days. I can still pet the yarn though.

I realized yesterday that I don’t have the right needles for this capelet. I need some 16” circulars that I didn’t have. At lunch time today I walked over to de Afstap to buy needles. I have to say, the woman working there was so nice and helpful and chatty that it was hard to leave! I was tempted to buy more just because she was so nice. It’s a long story, and I’ve blogged about it before, but Amsterdam isn’t known for it’s customer service so when it’s good you’re always surprised and happy.

The bridge over the Singel, just a few doors down from de Afstap looked like this today.

From April to October this square is filled with tables and umbrellas where people are sitting outside eating and drinking. Not today! Look at this dreary weather!  And it is really cold.  The statue is of Multatuli, the pen name of a famous Dutch writer.

At the opposite side of the square is Puccini, which is the best chocolate in the entire world. No kidding. I swear. De Afstap is just a few doors down to the right in that little street. After leaving de Afstap, having been VERY GOOD and only bought needles (even after fondling some gorgeous yarn), I went into Puccini. Now, you can’t expect me to be restrained in a yarn shop and then ALSO walk past Puccini without stopping in, do you? Seriously.

I bought dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate covered little tiny candied orange bits (pea sized) and 7 bonbons of various liquor tastes. I will try not to finish it all over the weekend. But hey, I have to make up for the fact that I can’t knit!

2 thoughts on “The Best Part

  1. Cybèle November 29, 2008 / 00:15

    Ooo Amsterdam with Christmas lights! maybe cold and dreary but just so special. I’m feeling homesick now!

  2. Cassandra November 29, 2008 / 15:27

    Penelope Craft? Where’s that?


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