NaBloPoMo Ends – Bonus Post!

Well, everyone, I survived NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) where the goal was to do a blog posting every day.  I did it!  Yippee!

I have to say, it’s become a real habit and posting every day doesn’t feel like a burden at all.  A big reason for that has to do with my work.  If I had tried to do this 6 months ago there’s no way I would have managed it.  I was working like a fiend at work and would have just been too drained to write for fun.  But these days work is very calm and my brain is free to think about more interesting things. 🙂

I have gained a lot of new readers this month!  What I find really interesting is that since I start blogging every day, more people are coming by to read.  For the last 6 months I’ve averaged between 300 and 350 unique readers per month (who ARE you people??).  This month of November I’ve had 595 unique visitors!  How about THAT!  That’s exciting to me.  That’s cool.  I hope you all keep coming back.

I’m not going to make any promises about posting every day from now on.  But I will say this – I’m sure gonna try.  I’ve enjoyed it, I’ve learned from it, and I’m curious where this will take me (us).  

I have a list of posts in my head already:  X is for (come back to see!); finally posting the photos and instructions for my first ever sock design; showing you my latest haul of knitting books, including Nancy Bush’s Estonian lace knitting book (so yummy!); keeping you up to date on our SnB group and of course my knitting; and also, of course, happenings around my little piece of the Netherlands.  It’s so gezellig.  Come back and see what’s happening now and then.

Oh, and also congrats to all the other NaBloPoMo finishers, like Lou.  Well done!

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Ends – Bonus Post!

  1. louise November 30, 2008 / 22:55

    Thanks for the mention and congrats to us both for completing NaBloPoMo..I found it quite difficult but would definately do it again. It has certainly spurred me on to post on a much more regular basis…hooray, haha.

  2. Ashley in Enkhuizen December 2, 2008 / 10:36

    Hello – I’m a regular reader. I’m an American in The Netherlands, a knitter and armchair runner (if that is possible – I’ve got the shoes but not the motivation to stttaaarrrt (not yet (how long have I been saying that?))Maybe when it is warmer…..? ). Thanks for all the posts!

  3. earlybird December 2, 2008 / 20:33

    Hi Ashley in Enkhuizen! Thanks for reading. Any good yarn shops in your area?
    Put those shoes on girl! 🙂

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