That Time of Year

Today was the family Sinterklaas party.  The Sint and his Piets (all 4 of them) showed up around 1:30pm and entertained us for quite a while.  I have to say, these guys are good, especially the very tall bald Piet.  He tell stories and leads the songs.  Sinterklaas, the old man that he is, sits and watches all that, in a most dignified manner.  

Sinterklaas does interview each kid before they get a present.  He knows all about the kids’ school and sports and hobbies and asks about all of them.  It’s very sweet.  Here are some photos:

I also have a 2 minute video of the big Piet leading a song.  Sorry for the darkness of the picture.  I was filming directly into a big window.  No, there was no chance to move around much.  The room was FULL of parents taking their own video and photos!  You would have thought it was a Japanese tourist destination.


After Sint and the Piets leave, we get ready to play the dice game.  Every adult (or almost adult) brings 2 presents wrapped up:  1 purchased and 1 from op zolder (from the attic).  We sit in a circle and take turns throwing a big sponge die.  Roll a 6 and you get to pick and unwrap a present from the pile.  But don’t think you’ll get to take it home!  Oh no!  The game isn’t over yet.

Once all the presents have been picked up from the pile in the center, we take a break for snacks and drinks.  Then the second part begins.  This part is timed:  45 minutes.  This time, if you roll a 6, you get to take a present from any person.  If you roll a 1 you have to give one of your presents away to anyone.  If you roll a 3, the next person in line loses a turn.  Oh it gets loud and rowdy!  I ended the first round with 5 presents under my chair.  I came home with 1, that I didn’t even have earlier.  Most of the presents are really junk and the fun part is seeing who has to take the most junk home.  Less is usually more.  There are always a couple of “good” presents that everyone fights over, which is also quite fun.

All in all, another fun family day.  Eventually I’ll learn some of these songs.  Until then, I’ll just keep filming!

2 thoughts on “That Time of Year

  1. louise November 30, 2008 / 20:04

    Beautiful photos of a very regal looking santa xx

  2. Cybèle November 30, 2008 / 23:28

    Five more nights and he gets to visit the UK too… Lucky kids, having a Dutch mother and a British father 😉

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