Yesterday after work I started “Shadow Dance” which is Nancy’s capelet.  I cast on while hanging out at the bieb (bibliotheek = library) before Stitch ‘n Bitch.  It’s a pretty cool place to hang out actually.  It’s 7 floors of books and computers and multimedia stuff and lately they are also doing live radio from the 4th floor with interviews and live music.  Very nice to knit to!

Anyway, the cast on for this project is something I hadn’t done before.  It’s a crochet cast on.  You crochet a chain and then pick up knit stitches along the back hump of the chains.  Follow the instructions for brioche knitting.  It looks like this with the crochet cast on (in bright pink) still attached:

Then you simply unravel the crochet (partly done here):

When you have all the crochet removed, you have a perfectly cast on brioche edge that is really stretchy, just like brioche itself:

In this next photo you can see how lovely the brioche stitch looks with the grey on the inside and the burgundy on the outside.  Cool, no?

Nancy’s favorite cast on for brioche is the Italian cast on.  I tried to learn that from a book and failed.  It’s the only knitting technique that I’ve tried that I couldn’t manage to learn from a book.  After Nancy showed me in person, it made sense and I can do it.  But man, it’s not my favorite thing to do.  So what’s the difference between this crochet provisional cast on and the Italian cast on?  Not much!  According to Nancy it’s exactly the same except that the light color (burgundy above) first stitches are twisted, making them just a tad tighter.  My version isn’t tight at all but it’s really loose and spongey.  

I’m really happy with how this project is coming along after only one night, and now that I can do this cast on, successfully, I’m so psyched to do more brioche!

One thought on “Magic!

  1. Malia December 2, 2008 / 21:59

    Wow! That looks awesome. OK, I need to learn that cast on!

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