Life in December

Oh boy is it winter! In my short 5 years in the Netherlands this has got to be the coldest November and so far December I’ve seen. It’s been snowing now and then, but it never lasts too long. Here’s what Wednesday morning looked like when I left the house at 7:45am. Dark, huh!

There were still people biking in this slush, but I was a wimp and went by bus instead. 

Yesterday I was sitting in a workshop all day, in a room with windows on two sides looking out over Amsterdam.  I didn’t take any photos of the snow that made a white out of the city, but I did take a screen shot of  This, my friends, is the most popular web site in the Netherlands.  I don’t know if you will see the animated .gif in your browser below, but if you click on the map image, you should open a new window and see the big white blob that ate the Netherlands yesterday.

It’s not all darkness and gloom around here.  Wednesday some new life was planted in front of our house which I’m very excited about.  You see, I’m an optimist and I’m optimistically believing that you can actually grow cherries here and have something nice to eat coming from your small front garden.  

When we moved into this house in August we planned on cutting down this huge pine tree in front of the house that was blocking light and view.  That tree cutting was done in September, with the necessary permission of the City.  The only stipulation was that another tree had to be planted in its place.  It didn’t matter what kind of tree, so I choose a Stella.  

As the label says, it is self pollinating, so no need to have two trees for cross pollination and cherry production.  My mom has a Stella in her back yard and I just love the cherries that come off that tree.  They are big and dark and sweet and I can eat them til I’m sick.  The gardening company that cut down our pine tree came by on Wednesday and planted our Stella.  

She looks a little cold and naked standing out there.  I might have to knit her a sweater.

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