Doing Our Bit (and some knitting)

Yesterday we did our bit for the economy.  We bought a new tv.  It will be delivered on Wednesday and the old one will be hauled away.  I say “hauled” because the old tv weighs a ton.  It’s a wide screen tv, and very deep in the back.  It will be so nice to have a flat screen tv that doesn’t take up half the narrow living room space!  This tv, and, yes, the Wii that is also on the shopping list, will be our presents to ourselves.  I tried out a Wii the other night at W.’s house (before she showed me how to use her spinning wheel, which is much harder than it looks!) and it’s SO FUN.  I can’t wait til Christmas!

Also adding to the growth of the economy, we bought fireplace tools and a screen to put in front of it, and of course WOOD to burn.  Last night we had our first fire.  It was so cozy.  I love a good fire.  Here’s a photo:

DB has never lived anywhere with a fireplace.  We were sitting on the couches last night, he was reading something on the internet, I was knitting, the fire was burning.  It was quiet for a long time.  Suddenly he looked up at me and said “you know I still find this scary”.  I laughed out loud.  He’ll get used to it.

Yesterday I said that I wanted to get a test swatch of La Digitessa knit up on the weekend when we have some light.  Well I did.  What I didn’t do today was run.  It was a lovely day outside – sunny and chilly – perfect for running.  But I was fighting yet another migraine and also fighting a cold and just didn’t feel very energetic.  I thought it would be better to stay in and conserve energy.  I think it was the right choice.

Actually, DB and I put together yet another bookcase up in the attic first thing this morning.  I might be able to get all the moving boxes emptied before Christmas!

This afternoon I made some toes.  I only finished one test toe.  It’s smaller than a real toe, but it’s just a test and gauge swatch.  I first followed the directions for La Digitessa short row toes, which is just your standard short row toe.  Nothing different – wrap and turn, wrap and turn, then going back out double wrap and turn, etc.  Well, I got 3/4 of the way through it and gave up.  The double wraps were just too hard to make and I knew there had to be an easier way.

I found very nice directions for WRAP-LESS short rows!  It’s here on this blog.  I tried it out, finished the little toe, and here’s what it looks like:

This is so much easier than doing wrapped short rows!  I think it looks really good too.  I’m going with this technique instead of the standard instructions.

Now I will put these away until the official KAL begins (13/12) and continue on with my capelet.  I hope you have a nice Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Doing Our Bit (and some knitting)

  1. Jaymie December 7, 2008 / 22:24

    fantastic fireplace pic! sell it to hallmark and make tons of money when they print it on greeting cards!
    finally found time to go to your blog, quite enjoyable 🙂

  2. Cybèle December 7, 2008 / 22:27

    My partner’s just installed a woodburner in his house and is as happy as a child with it – last night he kept looking at it and playing with the different vents and adding another log and feeling the sides… There’s nothing like having a fire, is there!

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