Casting Around

I’ve been expanding my podcast listening lately. I was kind of hooked on Brenda Dayne for a while but really needed a change. Here’s what I’ve been listening to. Maybe you will find them interesting too.

Knitting podcasts.
I’ve listened to a few of David Reedy’s Sticks and String podcasts and well, they just aren’t for me. David is a very nice Aussie, a teacher, and a knitter. From what I can tell he lives with cats in a place with a big garden with a big lawn that often needs mowing. He talks about the local knitting scene and about what he’s up to both knitting-wise and life-wise. He’s nice. He’s friendly. The music he plays is usually soft guitar music of some kind. But he just doesn’t get me excited about anything and Australia happenings are just not enough for me to relate to. Give him a try though. You might like his style a lot!

I actually started listening to knitting podcasts with Cast-On with Brenda Dayne. Nearly a year ago I thought I’d start by listening to a recent one and then work up from the earliest to the latest. I was really hooked on Brenda for a while. Her earliest podcasts were so interesting and she was really upbeat and enthusiastic with always something to say that I was happy to hear. Then, like real life, her podcasts started to go up and down. Sometimes she complained a lot. Sometimes she just didn’t seem interested in her own podcast. Sometimes she went through hard times in her life. It was really strange to listen to a podcast from 2 years ago where she ranted about introducing sponsors to her podcast but they had to be the “right” sponsors who believed in things she believed in and were eco-friendly, etc etc, then the next day listen to a current podcast where she had Saturn car ads stuck into the podcast. I was so turned off. I wondered “just who is Brenda Dayne?”.

When the latest podcast came out just a few days ago I decided to give her another try. I’m sure glad I did! Maybe she just needed to take a break and rest a while (she just had her gallbladder out) and get her mojo back. This latest podcast was the happy Brenda I used to know from previous editions. It was interesting, it had thoughtful bits, and useful bits as well. I especially liked the review and interview of the author of the book Shear Spirit. Also, her web site is vastly improved, a result of work done also during her surgery recovery. I have to say, Brenda, welcome back, in more ways than one! I will continue to tune in.

While taking a Brenda break, I started listening to Lime and Violet. If you want just plain fun, silliness, loud laughter, talk about the last drinking party as well as yarn porn and knitting projects, these girls are for you. They make me laugh out loud, which can be kind of startling while you are on the train at 7:45am. Here again, if you listen from the early versions, you will notice that Lime actually does exist. The more recent versions are really Violet and Karen most of the time. I learned, by posting a question on Ravelry asking “Does Lime really exist?”, that Lime is in grad school and taking a break from the podcast. She does make a guest appearance now and then. Karen is a very capable stand in and we get to hear about her love life as a bonus. If you can take the sometimes too silly carryings on, and don’t mind many sexual innuendos, give the girls a try. I like them a lot.

Other podcasts.
I like to think that I’m kind of a science nerd. I’m a science nerd wannabe. I wish I understood physics. I like to think I’m good at math. I always watched the science shows on tv when I was growing up and took Advanced Biology in highschool. I like to listen to NPR’s Science Friday. It’s definitely “science lite”, but still it’s fun and educational. Yesterday I listened to the Ig Noble prizes presentation given out at Harvard by a room full of science nerds. It was great. The previous edition I listened to was all about the science of beer brewing, also very interesting.
Given those two editions you’d think this podcast is only for university students, but it’s not. There’s a lot of variety and interesting stuff here. Give it a try.

There’s also NPR’s All Things Considered. This is the same as the radio program, which if you are in the US you probably know about. It’s general interest “articles” from a thoughtful point of view.  Here’s a link to all NPR’s podcasts, for your listening pleasure.

I’m also listening to One More Thing, which, despite the English title, is a Dutch Apple related podcast. Reading that last sentence I have to clarify that I’m not talking about famous Dutch Apple tarts, but rather Apple computer products discussed in Dutch with a Dutch point of view. You might know that I’m a serious Apple fangirl, and I’m always trying to improve my Dutch, so this is the perfect combination.

At home DB and I watch vodcasts together. Namely, we watch DiggNation and Bright. The guys from DiggNation should get together with the girls from Lime and Violet. They are the yin and yang of the same thing: different subjects, same beer. Bright is in Dutch, focusing on tech and design news. Even if you don’t speak Dutch, Bright might be interesting. Just follow the video.

And that’s it for now. I don’t have any time for more listening/watching! What are you listening to or watching via the pod/vodcasting world?

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