Today is a day of chores.  We went to the dump with a car load of cardboard.  We went grocery shopping.  DB is at this moment vacuuming the house (yes, a man who vacuums, what more can you ask for?).  I was busy this afternoon recycling.

But, I get ahead of myself.  First a photo from last night’s party:

That’s me of course on the left wearing my Garden Party shawl.  My 2 colleagues are also foreigners in this foreign land.  P from Spain and K from Greece.  We are not a typical IT department.  We’re 40% female, which is not normal in IT!  They are a hoot, these girls.  It was our company’s Christmas party last night.  It was a pretty simple party – the company band played, a local party band played, then we had a DJ for the end.  The food was buffet style and the drinks were flowing.  The CEO, our fearless leader, made the shortest speech of his life when he stood on the stage and told us that this was not the time to think about next year, or about any economic situation, or what we have or haven’t accomplished in the past year.  It was only time to drink and dance and have a great party.  Sounded like good advice to us!

So, due to the party, and getting home around 1am, I haven’t been very energetic and I’m happy to have done what I’ve managed to do today.

Back to the recycling….of sorts….

Last year in May I was at my parents’ house visiting.  My Dad was suffering from lung cancer, and to make a long story short, he took a turn for the worse while I was there and passed away.  While we were there we wanted to do what we could to make the next months easier for my mom.  One thing we could do was to help her clean out the garage so she could park her car in there and feel a bit more secure.  Part of that clean out involved going through some of Dad’s stuff, including his collection of bar mirrors.  In the 70’s my parents owned a bar and restaurant.  They had a lot of bar mirrors that they held onto over the years.  We went through them and decided on 7 that we wanted to bring home.  We just didn’t know HOW to get them home.

We ended up taking them to a moving company in town to get their advice.  They said the best thing to do would be to have them boxed up really well and take them as extra baggage on the plane.  We paid them to do the boxing up and indeed checked them as baggage (without having to pay anything extra after the man at the counter heard our sob story).  

We had absolutely no space in our old house to put up the mirrors so they stayed in their box, first at DB’s parents’ house for a while, then here in our new living room, until this weekend.  The box was opened, the mirrors unpacked and cleaned up.  Wow, were they filthy with 30 years of dust!  Some of them are a bit damaged, not from the trip, but just from being in a hot dusty place for so long.  And maybe they weren’t good quality mirrors to begin with so are easily aged.  Here are photos of the mirrors.  I hope you can kind of make out what they are without being confused by the reflected images!

Now, for the recycling part.  When my mom was here in September she bought a lot of tourist stuff – wooden shoes, ceramic windmills, etc.  When she got home she decided she didn’t buy enough of it and wanted some more to give to others back home.  She asked me to buy some more and send it to her.  I had to have the local shop order some of the windmills, which finally arrived.  Today I boxed everything up to send to her.  What did I wrap them in?  Yup, the same packing materials that the mirrors were in.  So, Mom, here’s your styrofoam back!  🙂

One thought on “Recycling

  1. louise December 14, 2008 / 16:52

    Loving the party picture and your shawl really sets off your looks great!!!

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