Christmas Tree

Yesterday, among other chores, we went shopping for a Christmas tree.  In previous years in Amsterdam we bought trees from the flower shop on the bridge on the Postjesweg, just where it becomes the Kinkerstraat.  We always got nice trees that stayed green and fresh for a very long time.  Now that we’re in Haarlem, we had noticed in previous weeks several places nearby where we could buy trees.  Yesterday we set out to find ours.

Well, what a surprise we found!  There were none left!  At the flower shop just north of the train station? None.  At the flower shop on our street near our house, none left.  At the Velserbroek tuincentrum (garden shop just north of us) there were 5 left, all very big and too big for us.  We ended up buying the last of the teeny tiny trees that they had left, sitting in his pot, looking lost and forlorn.  (Do you see a trend here?  I easily assign personalities to plants.  Call me crazy.)

Here he is now.  I repotted him into a big ceramic pot, hoping that he will survive his trauma of being cut and moved and now sitting with the indignity of lights and balls hanging from his limbs.  He does NOT have a name.  Yet.  Let’s see first if he lives.

Today we went to Amsterdam to check out the Craftymarkt near the Mercatorplein.  We saw LOTS of trees still for sale, at our old familiar spot, and at other places too.  So, we’ve learned one thing this week – if you can’t find a tree in Haarlem, go to Amsterdam and get one there.  That’s what cars are for.

Oh, and the Craftymarkt?  Quite a disappointment.  I was expecting something Christmasy and with some atmosphere.  It was small and stark and cold.  There were some nice things on sale, but next year I think they would sell a lot more and have a lot more visitors if they had things decorated and lively.  The glühwein was helpful though!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. Dappere Bas December 21, 2008 / 21:23

    I think his name is Chris. Why? pfffff what else could it be?

  2. Aunt Carolyn Wiens December 22, 2008 / 04:42

    You did a very good job decorating Chris. Artistic!
    Write often- this is a daily enjoyment for me.

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