A Whole Lotta Stitchin’ Goin’ On

 and not much Bitching!

Last night was Stitch ‘n Bitch in de Jaren in Amsterdam.  We ended up sitting in the worst place possible in de Jaren, but with all the Christmas shopping going on in the city, the cafe was PACKED and we couldn’t find anywhere else to sit.  The lighting was terrible and the seats were hard.  But that’s all we could find to Bitch about.  The rest was just Stitching and laughing and telling stories.

On my way there from the Central Station I took this photo of Dam Square.  The city was really busy and full of people.  There were a surprising number of tourists walking around.  Half the trams weren’t running (something about an accident, which blocked all the trams from coming up past Magna Plaza) and the weather was fine, so I walked the 15 minutes to de Jaren.

The usual suspects were there (minus Nancy and Cassandra – we missed you!) and some new faces were also there.  Basak was there for the first time, although she’s a regular on Ravelry.  Marjan was in town and made time to join our little group.  She was busy casting on La Digitessa so that she could also join in on the KAL. 🙂

We talked about all kinds of things last night – dreams, sleeping patterns, biology, computers and computer games, Barbie and other childhood toys.  It was a pretty lively group.  Maybe the Irish coffees helped.  Here are some photos:

How to try on a hat while knitting it
How to try on a hat while knitting it


Flying fingers and empty glasses
Flying fingers and empty glasses
And they say knitting is for grandmas....
And they say knitting is for grandmas....

 At one point we started talking about computers.  I heard things like “we didn’t get a computer until I was in High School”, “we didn’t have an Atari when all the other kids did”, “when I was in college we had to share computers”.  At one point I looked at Andy and said “I feel so OLD!”.  I really need to write a post about my life in the computer revolution.  You “kids” have no idea.  I was in High School when Pong was invented.  I learned to do Fortran programming using punch cards and handing them over to a tech who ran them through a machine as big as my living room in order to get a result to a quadratic equation.  You have no idea.  I have to save this long story for another day!

Oh! Before I forget… one last photo.  Here’s me in my finished Shadow Dance capelet.  I really love it!  Now, I have to make a hat to match!


Shadow Dance
Shadow Dance

4 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Stitchin’ Goin’ On

  1. basak December 23, 2008 / 12:26

    It was really a nice evening with you all! Very nice pics, except that I look like the ghost of the christmas grandma in the second one 😀

  2. Malia December 23, 2008 / 16:31

    So cheery and Christmassy! I love how our SnB is getting pretty solid with the same faces coming each week. (or every other week, eh?!)

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Cassandra January 3, 2009 / 17:30

    Oh, missed you guys too! I was packing frantically at home… See you next week?

  4. phyllis self February 24, 2009 / 07:18

    We’re travelling to Amsterdam in May 2009 and want to find the best knit shop. Do you have a suggestion?

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