Finally Holiday


Today really feels like the beginning of holidays, I guess because DB is now off work until 5 January too.  Today we celebrated by having that oh so traditional Christmas Eve treat – zak patat….


mine, with ketchup
mine, with ketchup



mine, and DBs with Andalusia sauce
mine, and DB's with "Andalusia" sauce

I’m just kidding about it being a Christmas Eve tradition.  Patat are just a tradition, any time of the day or night, any day of the year.  These are Belgian Frites actually, which are the best.  They are made from real potatoes, brown and crispy, eaten from a bag outdoors.  DB loves them and doesn’t get them often enough.  Me, once every few months is plenty.  But, as far as fries go, they are pretty darned good.

We were out and about today buying the last of the Christmas food and presents.  Our house could now feed a tribe for a week.  I think we will eat ourselves sick just trying to keep up with all of it before it goes bad.  Is it some biological drive that makes us want to fatten up and sleep?  Did our ancestors once hibernate?  Well, that’s what we are planning anyway.  We also rented 3 movies to watch and I hope to get a lot of knitting done.  Speaking of knitting, I’ve gotten this far with the first La Digitessa sock…

Nice, isn’t it?  The light is a little dark, but it’s so hard to get any decent light at all these days.  Talk about dark days of winter!  Not only are there so few minutes of daylight, but the sky is so thick with clouds that even at 10am it feels like 3pm.  Yup.  Time to hibernate!

One thought on “Finally Holiday

  1. Michael December 26, 2008 / 11:31


    Now I miss chips!


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