Y is for YES!

This is a photo of my niece and her, now, fiance.  It was taken on 24 October of this year and one day later, while they were walking in a park in Turin, John popped the question and Mandy said YES!  They are such a cute couple and so obviously adore each other.  

At this time they are struggling to make ends meet and struggling to make their dreams come true.  Still, they believe in each other and I’m guessing they start their days with that YES in mind, keeping themselves going through the tough times.  

They haven’t set a date yet, but I’m sure that when the coming year starts to take shape out of the fog and haze of 2008, they’ll let us all know.  

YES is such an optimistic word and I’m generally an optimistic person.  It’s a good word to end 2008 with.  It’s also a very good word to start your life together with.  So, Mandy and John, YES to you and YES to your future!

(in case you want to know more….. Mandy’s blog here; John’s here; their joint business blog here)

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