Mitts to Match

My Christmas days (in Europe you get two) were filled with movies, cooking, eating and knitting.  Even today, the 27th, there will be still more cooking and eating (DB’s family is coming over) but maybe not so much knitting.  Oh yeah, there was also a lot of internetting, and even Bas joined in:

I already knew that I would make something to match my capelet (Shadow Dance pattern) but didn’t decide until Christmas morning that it would be mittens.  I couldn’t find a brioche mitt pattern ANYWHERE, so I decided to just read up on mitt patterns from the Fall Vogue Knitting and go from there.  There are quite a few mitten patterns in this year’s issue.  I read a few patterns and saw that it isn’t rocket science and cast on.  I also decided to use needles 1 size smaller than used on the capelet, mainly because I only had 16″ circulars as the smaller version in the capelet needles, which would be way to big for the mitts.  I am using 3.75mm double pointed needles for the mitts.

I was just guessing how many stitches to cast on, and here’s what the first version looked like:

It looked HUGE!  In fact I measured it across the hand section and it matched exactly the measurements of the mitts in the magazine.  The problem was really the wrist.  It was the wrist of a vary large man.  The above photo is as far as I got on Christmas Day.  The next morning I frogged the whole thing.

Yesterday morning I started again with 4 less stitches (32 instead of 36).  When I finished the wrist length I changed the colors around and knit 4 rounds before starting the increases.  It’s looking good now and I think it fits pretty well.  I won’t be able to tell exactly until I finish it and wear it.  This is how far I got yesterday.  I hope to be finished in a few days with this first mitt.  Should I write down the pattern for others to make it?  Hmmmm, that depends on whether or not the result is any good!

4 thoughts on “Mitts to Match

  1. Siem December 27, 2008 / 12:59

    And what about the VPRO gids, isn’t it nice??

  2. doris December 27, 2008 / 14:10

    Your cat looks very intelligent! 😉 Good luck with your mittens, they will be really warm but still look elegant, I’m sure. Hope you will have more knitting time tomorrow. 😉

  3. velmalikevelvet December 27, 2008 / 22:57

    *Definitely* write down the pattern! Maybe it will be the very first brioche mitt available, and fame and fortune will rain down upon you.

    Happy Christmas!

  4. earlybird December 28, 2008 / 18:59

    Siem: Yes, the cover of the VPRO gids was VERY nice, which is why I chose it as the background. (for the non-Dutch, this is the weekly TV Guide) Do you notice that crafts are more and more in the media?

    Doris: He is a VERY intelligent cat and also well trained. DB trained him as if he was a dog, and it certainly worked. He never touches my yarn and never gets on the kitchen table. He even has to stand out of the kitchen before getting his dinner. He the best cat ever.

    Velma: Ha! Fame and fortune wouldn’t hurt my feelings any! 🙂

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